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Players take account obligations and use your password. If the user account and password theft, players are obligated contact your dealer immediately. Dealers will change the account name and password for the game.
In case the account and password to pickpockets, users must be obliged to account to and plucking slip bets are confirming payment.


The result of the game will eventually do “Sv388” decision.
Grope in the case of a dispute, the management of “Sv388” and the player must accept that the data in the log will be kept socializing to resolve the dispute. scrabbling disputes must be filed within days of the outcome of the game was decided. Complaints will not effect the day after the match.
Players are solely responsible for verifying the accuracy of all communications through the account.
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Our commitment and dedication to the highest level as well as integrated services and betting experience to satisfy players of today and the future.
We strive to become a leader in the market for online and transfer chicken fascination joy of Filipinos according era to the world by providing quality, licensed and trust. on the online channel.


Elevate the avian industry standard Falcon entertaining game.
promotion of sport as a job for life for millions of Filipinos.
To protect the interests and passions of individuals addicted cockfighting and enjoy this sport as part of the tradition of the country. Federation of Gamefowl state (NFGB)


Cockfighting is a unique heritage of the Philippines, is a cultural tradition miniature conscious sport, esteem and violence when lost are the statutes that the Philippines adhere to sedate no exception not care. When pursuing this sport enthusiast, admirers were elevated, and the dishonor be removed. Sport suit chalk masses, where the social division no longer, from farmers to those in high society are treated equally in the application (Rules uniform) ” Derby Unified rules “and abide by the law since then. We hope that success will eventually light the community and reduce and eliminate discrimination against cockfighting (Sabong).


In order to understand the purpose of cockfighting, player and fan should share a common understanding of cockfighting. The wording used term in sports cockfighting (Sabong).
League; NFGB: national association of breeders of game birds (short Federation);
Association – is a member of the Federation. If the case is not eligible for the establishment of associations and federations will include plucking members under his wing.
Organizers – who held a derby matches (matches between the two teams on the same territory).
Ban Derby (national) an advertising agency media or the Commission consisting of three members from the Federation (including at least 2 preside associations and 1 supervisor derby premium for derby country), to monitor proceedings and are empowered to resolve disputes involved more.
Ban Derby (local) For local derby, the derby committee will be established by the President of the local association, the board of directors and a representative of the Federation.
Waiver – Sv388 may refuse to participate in the derby categories of Sv388.
Cock (rooster) – a mature cock, bred and trained to upgrade capacity to cope.
Stag (Fledglings) – a rooster about twelve (12) months of age or younger.
BULLSTAG (Chicken middle) – a chicken than twelve (12) months. (middle stage of stag and cock).
Cockfight / SULTADA – a fight between two (2) Cock equipped with knives (Tari), after the bet.
Cockfighting / SABONG – sports use chickens to play cockfight.
DERBY a cockfighting event of federal or the project organizers, is processed and paid by the federation / organizer for the winners.
PIT / SABUNGAN / GALLERA – places cockfighting.
PIT / Rueda – arena where the fighting rooster.
KNIFE / Tari – a weapon of steel shaped curve separate and have a cutting-edge unique with tapers to a point regularly used in a cockfight, molded according to the traditional art by artisans Filipinos.
PIT MANAGER – a manager, before starting a sultada, control and operating procedures in accordance with the rules, and enforce discipline and order in it.
Arbitration / SENTECIADOR – operators in a cockfight with full control from the start of the war until the decision ultimately to win-lose.
HANDLER / SOLTADOR – people drop the chicken in the match.
HEELER / MANANARI – who had knives Tari chicken.
ENTRY – names represented by the participants in a derby for the purpose for their chickens involved in the game.
ENTRY FEE – a certain amount of money because of all the participants (entries) in a derby, to be able to attend the contest said.
POT / POT MONEY – total entry fees.
BET CENTER / Parada – bet manager approval.
LLAMADO chickens were higher opponents bet.
DEJADO – chicken are lower betting opponent.
Meron – regional chicken with higher number of bets is indicated.
Wala – Cock area with lower betting specified.
PAGO – solicited to increase bet for chickens dejado, to balance the number of bets for chickens llamado.
Weight recorded – the weight of a chicken sent off in the match.
Net weight – actual weight of a chicken after being checked organizers.
Stockings – a ribbon worn on the chicken leg for identification.
MATCHING – choosing the chickens have similar indicators to cope.
But the match – a combination of 2 fight battle between two chickens in one day derby match.
CARREO / CONFRONT – The process of putting the chickens to stand face to face with each other to decide to continue or break the game.
BREAK – punctuated by carreo caused by the peck when confronted.
Substandard weight – lower weight than standard weight.
Bad shape – These deformities can affect other chickens or itself.
DEFAULT – Failure to present the chicken to play.
REPLACE – replacement of other chickens conditions suitable for a toner.
CHICKEN AND REPLACING – chicken being replaced.
POINT – chicken score achieved in the first match.
NO-BEARING FIGHT – a war is defined so that the results can not affect the derby, including a special prize.
42 HOURS / 16 battles – time, the battle rules.
JOKER – chicken provided by the manager when you do not find a suitable match.
Countdown – countdown to the competition period, guarantee limit in just 10 minutes.
Ice wing: identity card mounted on the wing of a chicken.

CHARTER (weight limit)
not lower than 1.7 kg 2.2 kg nor a stag derby; and not less than 1.9 kg to 2.45 kg nor a cock derby. For stag derby bull, weighing not less than 1.8 nor more than 2.3 kg kg.

The weighted indexes of the rooster to be confronted in a derby will be filed on the day before the derby intended, at the place and time indicated and prescribed by Sv388. Then, the matching will be deployed

We, Sv388, have the right not to allow the project derby, especially during performances out qualifying, semifinals, finals that three chickens bottom or top of the table does not qualify competition events.

If notified in advance by Sv388, the weight of the rooster in a derby was recorded by the owner, in two parts: the first part contains the amount of typing and name sent a drop box marked \ 93a \ 94, and the second part contains the amount of typing and sending weight drop box marked \ 93b \ 94.

The matching derby is done on the computer and the same is done in the presence of the original derby and delegates. The computer is programmed to practice combining in the process started with the chicken have equal weight.

For stag stag and bull weighs 1.9 kg, the weight difference of about 20 grams, and for stag and bull weighs more than 1.9 kg, the weight difference of about 30 grams.
For rooster weighing 2.2 kg, the weight difference is 30 grams and for rooster 2.2 kg heavier, the weight difference is 50 grams.
The match is not allowed without the 3 consensus

The computer is programmed to avoid fighting minded.
If in case the computer is not available (computer damaged, faulty or any other coast due akin), matching systematic “bola” will be implemented.

RULE 8 (interval fight)
The process will be implemented to cope in accordance with the procedures of the war beginning, ending, end the war, ended late. Year battle first or more, depending on the number of matches, the pair will start with the lowest weight, in ascending order; and equal numbers next fight will begin with the pair the highest weight, in descending order.

For the violation of the rules above, the penalty may be applied as follows:
fine at the rate of the lowest bet of center bet if stag weighing not qualify or shape bad.
Confiscation entry fee;
Other fines, penalties can amount specified by the Commission derby;
Prohibited conduct intended rescheduled fight
not qualified to take on derby
Permanently not attend competitions in other matches.

LAWS 10 (form of bad: the influence)
cases adversely affect the formatting as follows:
Cowardly not match
In case limping or cowardice does not match will be at the start for the second time or they will replace ergot chicken to play. If instead of chicken, the rival PAI paid PHP 2500 (money philipin) for the delay and the law will be applied first.

If the chicken is still limp when replacing heel, it will be replaced with a smaller chicken weighing practical weight of opponents to heel and heel replacement and weight nor less than 35gam.

Players pay money equal to 1/2 of the opponent and the match contract will take place as 1 rules

If replacement is limp chicken, or a form of currency, it is necessary to look to the “a”, “d” of 10 laws and statutes of 1 to determine the number of competitors.
If the chicken is no sign of the blow does not play, like Son neck, body limp, transference around chicken or discouraged as shaking, poisoning, or lost before it was hit by opponents, or akin, chicken alternative would be to use and weight equal to or less than 35gam back than chickens opponents making, which if any party is higher, it will reschedule had followed the rules 1 to determine scores without penalty.
In cases where both chickens were released in the first chapter, but a headless chicken before any contact occurs, the match will be considered as “no match” no matches. Provided that such rules would see the 11 chickens that show. # Is not resist, stand still when the match / sick chickens still have the opportunity to replace the chicken under the law No. 1. He will be sanctioned five thousand pesos (cash filipino), and punished at number 10. and the law is also an opportunity to add other chicken substitute. If after two replacements were denied the match, the player must take all the statutes and with the 10 law No. 1 to the score of the opponent. To fight not over chicken puffs, the game board will be directly processed at the end of further reference,
If pad appears that the changes significantly (eg, fur collar is not there, or hair dye, not true to nature, or change the depreciation and amortization), the entry is not correct standards will be fined similar items from paragraph (b) above. bad shape will be determined by the board game played in right field or anywhere based on careful consideration.
If the chicken is in any condition or situation will tend to undermine the ability to fight for itself or opponent, will be subjected to punishment in law No. 10; and independent player will comply with the limits in rule No. 1 to determine the score of the opponent. Thus will not be satisfied in the matches organized by NFGB

rooster fighting is allowed no more than ten (10) minutes or surgery at the same time. The war ended only considered when there are signs from the referees.

The referee has full control of the match. In the incident, the referee may call for aid of those in the arena.

LAWS 13 (a timer)
The instrumentation time fighting will be provided by the owner / operator of the site of the derby of the league, they will also provide a backup generator.

If at any time during the fight one or both birds struggled, the referee will use 3-up3 statutes-down.

LAWS 15 (REPRESENT winner)
To be declared a winner, the chicken should be 2 pecks or 1 direct hit but not fixed to touch the opponent, and then both of them are not operating again.