Sv388 is what? how many arena, or how many of the chicken? Sounds simple like that, but the answer is difficult to give the most accurate, but who are acting as agents of this page have not must’ve known it offline. Many customers just say that the page chicken Cambodia , cockfight Cambodia, but true also true that only true part only, because in addition to Orange’s also a lot of arenas different, linked together, to tell to the current big arena like in Thailand, Mexico, and the largest is Phillipins, and on a development more in the future arena with incalculable here. School is the best chicken mostly Vietnam Cambodia remainder are considered, it is the Cambodian chicken slightly.Symbols per game field cockfight are in different Sv388 but, in many cases a local chicken close together, or in a country like the Philippines for example, the most.

For example, as shown on the arena in Mexico ghost MX code, for example, or the socket dill, CPC, there CPC1, CPC2 means 2 arena fighting cocks are located in Cambodia.