Agency policy

– To open an account you must deposit agent for our company an amount corresponding to the account you want. provisions account for one account minimum dealer is 1000 is 10 million VND. allows resellers shares with the company in the form of the exchange rate option betting point.

Companies offer many levels of the exchange rate points to the betting agent selected as follows:

– Level 1 :     1 point =  10,000 VND. If selected at the exchange rate of the wager this agent will get a discount of 0.25%

 on the total amount of daily trading agents and agents deposit amount with the company’s 10 million.

– Level 2: 1 point = 15,000 VND. If selected at the exchange rate point of this bet will get a discount agent is  0.5%

on the total amount of daily trading agents and agents deposit amount with the company 15 million.

– Level 3: 1 point = 20,000 VND. If selected at the exchange rate point of this betting agent will get a discount of 0.75% commission

on the total amount of daily trading agents and agents deposit amount with the company’s 20 million.

– Level 3: 1 point = 25,000 VND. If selected at the exchange rate point of this betting agent will get a discount of 1% commission

on the total amount of daily trading agents and agents deposit amount the company is 25 million.

 * Note :  The total amount of daily trading agents are counted only on single win or lose, not draw bet.

You need to act as agents, please chat with support staff, took the bank account and send money to the account of the company representatives.

After you transfer the money finished, please call the hotline Our 0911 781 040 or online chat message: rates of conversion you choose, your full name your + the amount you send and numbers your phone to contact the company.

Upon receiving your money, after 10 minutes we will create one master account, send messages by phone or email informing you about the username, password and unified exchange rate you selected point.

Getting the account you log on the website, please change your password and check the amount of your total account.

When officially made Agent for the account you will own a total, full freedom to create thousands of member account and grant access name, password, and account self-regulation prescribed rate regulation redeem points for their members (depending on the financial resources that you can increase the exchange rate point to enjoy more profits as the dealer)

Account total will help you manage all the members, view all of the necessary data, the results winning daily, weekly, monthly, account balance, sales of bets … can close or open or crashes members, when necessary … account total has been installed complete all the functions to perfection, helping you to manage thousands of members that only takes a few minutes each day.

Companies can provide the customer master for wishing to do  general agent (MA)  with the best current deals. You need take master please contact to the call center 0911 781 040 or send mail to a specialized unit of the company will get back to you as soon as possible.

Commission discount biggest commissions, amounted to  1.25% on the total amount of daily transactions and repayment of 5%  on the total amount of the agents lost loser in 1 month.

Depending on the choice of the exchange rate points (Option points higher commission equivalent greater) that resellers discounts and rewards corresponding month. Commission will be charged 1 week 1 time on Sunday before 20h.

reward month will be 5 weeks 1 before 20h 2nd day of the fifth week (from the date you register as agents) – On account agents are updated figures the total amount of transactions and all other necessary data, settings discount of 0.25% commission on the total amount of the transaction so you can control your commission, when the payment with the company’s dealers with corresponding coefficients.


  1. Agency clients withdraw 1 times / day, the minimum withdrawal in 1000 000 VND / times, up to 10 billion VND withdrawal / day, if you withdraw more, the company will move before 16:30 the next day.
  2. In case of account wins over VND 10 billion company will be temporarily hung up, pay off, then open the machine for you to continue to participate.
  3. Before the first withdrawal Agents must wager on 300 points, if the customer wants to withdraw money before reaching a turnover of bets shall be subject to 20% fee on the amount you want to withdraw.
  4. Dealers want customers recharge their accounts, to the minimum load 1000 000 VND / times.
  5. When you want to stop acting as agents for the company, wanted to withdraw all the money or part of the amount in the account must be notified at least 03 days, until the 2nd week the company will meet your requirements , at the time of termination of the agency contract with the company.

Syntax Withdrawal

You set a withdrawal order by writing a message (from a phone number registered with the company) with the syntax:
Betting account name – withdraw the required amount – the bank account number – Name of the transaction. Send 0911 781 040.
Example: You are betting account abc789 should withdraw five million of the bank account number 0341000567889 vietcombank account holder Hoang Van Hung
Compose: abc789 draw (five million) 0341000567889 vietcombank van hung wild. send 0911 781 040.


  1. The company has the right to void any or all of the times the bet made by, withhold payments to be paid to any person, any group or any other legal entity operating the right or activities as a union in order to deceive the company, while awaiting the results of the subsequent investigation authorities.
  2. The company has the right to amend these terms and conditions, regulations and rules as well as security policies to fit into any time without prior notice to Customer. However, the Company will strive to ensure that any significant changes to these terms and conditions or privacy policy will be communicated to customers on the website.
  3. The company has the right to void the bet time, keep the money in the account of the customer in case of fraudulent activities or money laundering. Customer agrees to return the money to the company for the entire loss and damage suffered by fraud. Retention, stripping the rights and claims of loss and damage will extend to customers related to the Company believes are related to the illegal act, and this type of fraud.
  4. The company has the right to refuse or suspend without notice any customers who are suspected of cheating, hacking attacks, or causing harm to football betting operations of the Company ordinary. Any “abnormal bets” will be canceled without prior notice, retrieval of the entire amount remaining in the account. ” The use of artificial intelligence or “software applications” bet is strictly prohibited. The Company will take measures to prevent and detect programs that are used to enable artificial intelligence to use the Internet service betting.
  5. To ensure common interests, ensuring the utility of the service that the company provides for the majority of customers … so in some specific cases, for 1 number of clients, or some group of customers, company will apply its own policy on the basis of consensus and cooperation from customers.
  6. All accounts abusing loopholes for profit company may consider retrieval bi entire amount of this illegal.



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